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Sad News for Cycling-Loss of Steve Tilford

05 April 2017 - 04:37 PM

I just received word today about the loss of Steve Tilford in a traffic accident last night.  Those of you that have been racing bikes for any amount of time know Steve was a cycling Icon that was the very first NORBA MTB Pro champion and won Masters World titles in MTB and Cross.  Tilly was a Midwesterner from Topeka, Kansas and was returning from California when the accident occurred.

This is the link to the story:

Steve did a lot of racing in the St. Louis area over his racing career.

USA Marathon Nationals in Arkansas-May 7

08 March 2017 - 06:51 AM

Looking for a reason to go out and ride your bike "long and fast?"  If so, circle May 7 on your calendar and keep training.
Marathon nats are being contested on the sweet trails of Iron Mountain, at DeGrey Lake, in Arkadelphia, Arkansas.
If you've raced at the BTE, you've got the legs for Marathon Nats and when is the last time we had a national MTB race right in our backyard (well kinda)?
The trails at Iron Mountain have been professionally built (Progressive Trail Designs) and the course will be 2 laps for a total of 50 miles.

'Stars and Stripes ' jerseys will be on the line, as well as podium placing 5 deep.  Classes are divided into 5 year age groups all the way up to 70+.

We've got some fast MTB talent in the Show Me state so let's get down to Iron Mountain and put some of that talent on the podium.

BTW-I've raced the "Iron Mountain" marathon race as part of the AMBCS (Arkansas Race Series) and this course is really sweet.  Not as technical as something like the Ouachita Challenge, and there is just enough climbing to reward the "billy goats", but most the trail has some real fun flow and the climbing is disguised in lots of well planned "grade reverses!"  Fred Phillips -DLT Event Management, is the promoter and he does this for a living so his events are super professional.  DeGrey Lake is absolutely gorgeous and is 10 minutes from lodging, food, etc... as it is right on the edge of town.  There is resort lodging on the lake and also camping.

No, I'm not getting a "kick back" for the free promotion.  I just want to see all my Missouri racing buds go down and kick some butt and represent the region.

Here's the link's you need to see more details:

What are you waiting for?  Get registered and go kick butt!

Pappy Long