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#218120 FS: STLBiking Forum and Raspberry PI Server $40.00

Posted seamonkey on 06 August 2017 - 04:41 PM

For sale: Mostly-reliable e-diesel forum with all the bells and whistles, high mileage and due for some transmission upgrades. Probably good for another 50,000 posts. Comes with a wide ranging avatar list including (formerly) scores of solid folks, professional trolls, career bike resellers, gimme free buyers, jacked up racers and confused QA'ers.

Does not include any manual, support or cloud hosting. Rakes in mad cash with Ad Sense featuring any and all ads ranging from Walmart Cheese curds to E-surance policies designed to protect you from cyclists that crash into your sweet riviera while your chopping them at the right hand entrance to quiktrip.

It's too bad the social media platforms have decentralized all of STL's hobby/sport communities. STLBiking is not immune to this issue or any other bike-related site.

We all should mine the archives and pull out the best-ofs. I mean let's keep it 2009, right?

see you on facebook.