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"It’s like “Animal Planet,” except with bicycles instead of animals."

(Ryan Seacrest, on his new all-bicycle TV network)

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saw the date of march 5 on mobra now no mention of it on there anyone know anything?

Was wondering if anyone knows of some singlespeed friendly races?

I'm considering doing a couple time trial races this spring, with one being the Tour of St. Louis race in March.  As someone that has never entered a bike race before, it's a little confusin...

Some of you may have already seen this, but we are hosting a gravel/backroad race down in SoIL on March 4th. We have some killer gravels and nice hills with great views down here. Registration price g...

Are there any particular areas that lend themselves to Everesting in the StL metro area? Looking for a place with either wiiiide roads or no traffic (read: safe when the 6+ hour befuddlement arrives),...

For anyone who would like to own a piece of cycling / track racing history, there are few track bikes in the world with this pedigree and this one can be rode or displayed up to you:http://www.ebay.co...


https://youtu.be/wpuWIMPpsXw Video of start and first lap at Battlegrounds.

I currently have Schwable Sammy Slick 28 x 1.35 front and rear on my CX bike and really was pleased with them.  Unfortunately my front tire has something in it which is just too small to fin...

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